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Funding For Recovery Not Arrest

Help Not Handcuffs advocates for full funding for recovery for 90,000 people wanting to recover who cant, instead of constantly funding arrests and imprisonment.


Law Enforcement

Help Not Handcuffs keeps and eye on the issues being considered for new laws. From marijuana legalization to safe injection sites, we will update you. We also expose and advocate against the use of police or coerced treatment of people who use narcotics.

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Global Declaration On Drug Policy

Our Global Declaration on Drug Policy was submitted to the U.N. for consideration as the UNGASS Process took place. More than two dozen Global, Regional, National and Local NGO's and researchers endorsed the declaration.

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Facts About Drug Use

  •  One in every 30-40 people have a family member incarcerated due to drug charges at an approximate cost of 40,000-50,000 dollars per year
  • Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and co-occurring mental illness are common drivers of substance use, which is why criminal prohibition laws do not stop or deter the use of drugs
  • The overwhelming majority of people with substance use disorders willingly seek out treatment, but many can not find it. In 2012 - 31,145 adults in NJ sought but did not receive treatment. 56,000 adolescents needed but did not receive treatment.
  • The majority of people who use substances do not have substance use disorders yet are subject to arrest and possibly forced treatment - thereby consuming limited resources
  • We do not have enough resources for those who need help and ask for it. So long as we continue to fund arrests the priority will never be investing in recovery support and treatment centers

Help Not Handcuffs

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